Luca was born January 23th, 1981 in Milan, Italy.

Artistically also known as Dj LuXMan, he is the founder of Dangercrazy Records.
Selector, Disc jockey, Mc and producer,
specialized in Reggae/Dancehall and remixes, active since the late 90s.
Musical genres: Reggae/Dancehall, EDM, Moombahton, Electro Funk, Revival ’80-’90-’00
Mixing style: Juggling

At the age of 4 he began to be passionate about music,
listening the vinyl records owned by his parents.
There were two LPs that immediately hit him,
and they remained in his head starting to induce in him the passion for music,
one is the album “Sounds Of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel,
and the other is the homonym album by Fabio Concato from 1982.
Over the years, his research to discover new music is very wide,
thus opening his musical knowledge to 360 degrees.
In 1996 he became passionate about reggae music, which led him to the late 90s,
to undertake a career as a dj, followed it by a passion for the music productions.
Begins to produce instrumental bases, then he specializes in remixes,
and finally to open his independent record label “Dangercrazy Records” in 2009.
Passion and acquired experience are the launching pad that push him to take his path,
also as a music producer, who after several years of learning technical knowledge and skills,
give him today the opportunity to put new music on the market,
completely self-produced, and working with various musical genres.